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image and brand helps you develop a vibrant identity on line and then to promote your business among a growing community of loyal followers using Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media.

While anyone may use these resources and tools, success depends on time, effort, study and experience. So we believe you will gain most if you focus on what you do best and employ our expertise to promote your business or, at least, use our help.

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image and brand - promoting your business with SEO and Social Media
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Keeping Up Appearances

The importance of being seen

Keeping Up Appearances - illustration
The first thing a fisherman does when he gets to the riverbank is to throw in a handful of groundbait. The food itself will not catch any fish but it will awake their interest and alert them to the possibility that this is the place to find a meal. When the angler is ready to cast, the interest and the fish are there.

Some might say that this illustrates how "marketing" differs from "advertising"; one being the wider generation of awareness of your organisation and the other the specific offer of a product or service for consumption.

And it is essential.

Some people believe that what they offer is so specific to a particular need that there is no point in spending time on general PR and promotion. For example, a business which dries out homes after a flood would, they argue, be wasting time and money promoting itself when people are not looking for that service. When the subject is not relevant it just gets ignored.

But you can guarantee that there's more than one organisation offering similar services. Marketing, promotion and PR are about standing out from the crowd and being in people's minds when the need arises.

From the specific perspective of Search Engine Optimisation, it is vital to build an association between your name and what people need. The one time they go to Google and type in "flood repairs", the businesses they see near the top of the list will be those who have built up a link between their website and their service in Google's database.

Remember too, that Google's search is flexible and intuitive. If people recall even part of your name or location from some publicity you put out and type it in alongside their query, then it's your website that will come out on top of the results.

Is it ever not worth using Social Media to build a community of "followers"? While the general public may not be interested in flood repairs until unexpected disaster strikes, there are others who always are. General builders, insurance companies, local authorities and many more might like to keep a watch on what will be available when need arises. They need to build a list of providers to whom they can refer their clients. There's feedback for the supplier too in the form of news about technological and regulatory changes and much more.

So whatever your business or organisation provides and however rare or specific the demand, general publicity is essential to your competitive success.

image and brand offers a range of advice to help you get better known on Facebook and Twitter and through blogging and other on-line promotion. Your organisation may be meeting a once-in-a-lifetime need but you have to be in the mind of potential purchasers and those who advise them when that moment comes. Active Social Media Marketing delivers that raised awareness. Engaging with people through sharing and comments brings you to their attention. It also provides opportunities for your own knowledge to become wider and deeper. When your shares and comments, together with your Posts and Tweets prompt people to mention you anywhere on line it raises your Search Engine profile.

No organisation, however specific, occasional or targeted its supply may be, can afford to pass up the opportunities Social Media offer for general promotion. If you don't use them, your competetion will. Ignore them and you will remain unnoticed. 

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Published 19th December 2014 at 12:00